How to Find Your Happy

Whether you’ve worked to conceal, limit or stop yours altogether, we all know the magnetic lure of the ever tantalizing vice. But if you’re looking to fill up on more good, read on!  


Navigating Transitional Times

If you’re finding yourself having difficulty adjusting to change, read on for some wellness tips on how to navigate transitions .

Unleashing the Holiday Spirit

The festive season became an epic chore where I’d come out at the other end of it feeling like an emotionally drained Zombie.

Two years ago I decided to be done with the dread and fatigue and do something about it to get one with the season.

Unleashing Your Potential: Change & Transformation, Part 2.2

In possession of a KM’d home and now newly KM’d energy fields, I had the focus to start creating a healthier version of me.  Like the pristine corners of my bookshelves and neatly folded drawers a la Marie Kondo, that’s what I wanted my body to reflect:  clean, organized, efficient healthiness.