How to have a No Fuss Self-Care Strategy

(aka Unleighshing on Wellness)

I used to think #selfcare had to be this uber ritualistic thing where there needed to be lit candles, palms smooshed together and Gregorian chants listlessly streaming through diffused essential oils.  Sometimes it is those things, don’t get me wrong, but lately I’ve been defining wellness in slightly messier terms and I’m not making any apologies for it. None whatsoever.

One time consuming version of self-care!

Looking for some wellness and balance this week?  Read on!

I had one of those mornings where I woke up, looked around at all the sensible adultish things I could be doing and said fuck it, I don’t wanna.  And I didn’t.

And I’m not even sorry.  See, I keep so many balls in the air – which I’m sure many of you can relate to, that I just sort of stopped caring about all of it for a nanosecond in time and decided I was going to care for myself instead by letting some of those balls drop.   I decided to forgo the Fitbit, skip the run, eat all the food and drink all the wine. Doing so for one day was so incredibly fulfilling that I tacked on another 24 hours, just cuz.

Yup, this not so neatly packaged mindfulness tool is bloody awesome and it gave me the feeling of having a break from all the juggling.  My mind has been feeling so weary lately remembering all the things on top of being a functioning responsible human being, that I just decided to give myself a free pass from all the carefully planned things I like to do and just be for a bit, which is the true intended purpose of wellness.

So yeah, this eff it mentality is my new two syllable #selfcare strategy.

I’m not talking about going on a bender and being wildly irresponsible with your life nor am I suggesting your ignore societal norms or familial duties, not in the least, but I am urging you to say yes to the thing you really want to do, like free pouring a glass of wine without measuring each ounce or double dipping your potato chip because you don’t want to dirty a spoon.  Whatever you’re so disciplined about on the daily, let it go for a taste of freedom and balance in your life.

For this ridiculously disciplined girl, going sideways for a few days gave me the little break I needed to refocus.  And in doing so, I gained some perspective on how good it is to be on track, believe it or not; that recommitting to the adultish things I ignored for 48 hours are actually good things to have in my life and I was happy for the routine when I returned to it. So that right there is wellness, which yes, I’ve started to define more broadly to include just about anything that maintains a sense of balance in my life.  I think you should too.

Try it out: you won’t be disappointed!

So if you decide to adopt a fuck it mantra in the name of wellness, blessings, wild one.  Just here’s one piece of advice for you, first: be gentle with yourself and don’t apologize for letting something go.  Live your life and enjoy it. And get back on track tomorrow.

Handing ya’ll a mitfull of Free Passes.  

Now go & Enjoy.


Unleighshed Potential


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