How to Bounce Back from Blah


OMG, was I ever hard on myself last week.  Like, unnecessarily hard. Disappointingly hard. I said mean things to myself, worried, stressed and hurled a plethora of “Should Haves” at myself for things I cannot change.  Not only that, but I also began falling into some old anxious patterning. And it all started over a silly mathematical equation which dictates how many sick days I’m allowed.  Yeah, Math. And when the dispassionate email popped into my inbox to inform me that I had exceeded the magical number of allotted days which separates the good employees from the bad ones, I began to let a dark cloud form over me and my family for the balance of the week.  

Foolish, I know, but it happens sometimes, you know, the hiccups. And while I’ve never claimed that things are smooth sailing over here 24/7, I try very hard for them to be as good  and positive as they can be. But life isn’t perfect, nor am I, and last week a giant wrench came flying my way and I let it take me out for a number of days.  

The Blah Instigator

This wrench was just a silly email.  But because I’m a rule follower and a people pleaser by default, I have a pre programmed tendency to take perceived criticism to heart, especially when I think my personal qualities are being challenged.  And even though I had hit an automated jackpot that elicited a stock letter from my employer and essentially has no bearing on my character whatsoever, I still took it personally and proceeded to freak out for 48 hours.  Within that time, and with no word of a lie, both kids developed fevers and Strep, further amplifying my stress. With no weekday childcare available and having decided to let myself fall into this dark murky place of worry, I started to feel my own health sliding. Some patterns, regardless of how #woke you are, can be hard to undo.

From Blah to Yah!

I needed to get back on track and I’m pleased to say that this low vibrational time lasted a mere two days where The Old Me would have let this situation draw out for months with obsessive overthinking and negativity.  The significant difference separating the these versions of Me is that I now possess a toolbox of skills I can rely on during stressful situations, people who I can trust with my concerns, and a series of positive outlets that can turn what felt like an enormous royal decree into a balled up scrap of paper lying somewhere in cyberspace.  

How to Bounce Back 

  • Create a Positive MantraMy personal favourite is “I am happy, healthy, thriving!”
  • Practice Deep, regulated, mindful breathingI am partial to the strategy of breathing in for 5 seconds, holding it for 5 seconds before releasing the breath for another 5 seconds and followed by a pause of 4 seconds before commencing the next breath.
  • Meditation, Center, Focus, GroundingThere are lots of ways to get Ommm in a tense situation.  I’ve recently begun practicing a strategy I learned in a Wayne Dyer meditation called Inside the Gap which helps you to focus on quiet and stillness.  But if you’re lacking in time to concentrate, I sometimes ground myself by imagining I’m a tree, grounded to the earth.   
  • Self Care, Self Care, Self Care.
  • Speak Kind Words to Yourself You know that romantic shit people say in Disney films?  Say it to yourself every now and then to remind yourself that you are worth it.
  • Remind yourself why #highvibes are better than low ones
A little self care goes a long way.

When you possess the skills to take good care of yourself and are mindful about practicing this, there will be fewer tailspins, I know this.  Bounce back and reclaim your personal power by reminding yourself that only you get to decide how you’re treated and that only you get to define your own self worth.   But go easy on yourself when you hit a roadblock because sometimes even the highest vibing people out there need reminders to stay on track!
Happy #MindfulMonday!

XO,  Unleighshed Potential



  1. I just want to say thank you for your wonderful blog. Because I too hit those road blocks from time to time usually over nothing really. My new way of thinking about these times now, is simply to say to myself its only temporary. The moment I say this the mood lifts.

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