How to Win at #Winning

(aka Unleighshing on What it Means to Win)

Being grateful isn’t always an easy thing to wrap our heads especially when there is so much variation in how one can approach  it. I’ve tried the ultra religious stuff on for size which has felt too stringent and corporal for my liking. I’ve also found the new-agey stuff to be a bit unstructured which is precisely why the notion of #wins works really well for me:  it’s an easy to access tool that easily guides my #gratitude practice while allowing me to maintain #balance in my day.

#Wins are essentially good things which can happen to you.  I talk about some examples here.  I like them because they’re easy to spot and don’t ask you to pretend that life is %100 hunky-dory by overlooking the complexly crappy human stuff which can happen too.

A few weeks ago I had the kids in Ottawa for a visit with my sister.  With only 24 hours to work with, our drive to and from our destination compiled by many visits and sight-seeing was a lot for the kids to handle.  By the time we had planned our last outing- to the Science and Technology Museum, my youngest was D-O-N-E: tired, whiny, grumpy, hyper and lethargic.  Needless to say, my plan to enter a crowded space with my over-stimulated monster kid was lethal. The coaxing and assuaging was tiresome and by the time I had reached the entrance I was nearly ready to shut the whole plan down when a man exited the building and offered me free passes to the museum.  And just like that I had a #win on my hands and didn’t have to fork out any cash for my overstimulated monster child to enjoy the museum.


#wins, to me, are all about finding the good in the reality of our human existence.  I don’t pretend that life is perfect, but I work really hard to find the things that are #stellar and try to model those things for my kids too.

In the car ride home from Ottawa we did a taking stock activity which mirrors my nightly dinner ritual of identifying the daily #wins.  Both kids were able to express gratitude, in their own way, for the trip and the joy they derived exploring the displays at our last stop.  That in and of itself was a #win for me.

Current #win journal

I’m 18 months into consciously tracking wins, which I jot down in my journal before bed each night.  They span from the concrete stuff like a free pass to a museum to the less tangible stuff like being gracious for a life lesson or an experience I’ve gained through my day.  Here are some recent wins which have made the highlight reel:

  • I’ve been offered free meals to restaurants
  • I haven’t paid for a Lotto ticket in almost 8 months
  • I’ve won a total of $60 in Lotto winnings
  • I was randomly gifted $500 and
  • I’ve received several free coaching sessions from an Integrative Life Coach.

If I’m being truthful, however, I must say that the less concrete things I track as #wins are pretty remarkable, if not ‘better’ like outstanding sunrises, a smooth run, and observing my beloved hawks in the sky.

While we play, a hawk in the sky!

Nothing makes me happier than hearing other people’s #wins, so if you played along with me this week for the #7daysofwins challenge on social media, thank you so much!  I really do appreciate your support and I’m so glad you were able to find #goodthings in your days. If you didn’t play out loud, that’s okay too, I just hope I might have inspired you to begin looking for the #good in your day.  It’s there, it’s waiting for you to see it, and it wants to multiply for you!

Wishing you #allthegood,

Xo, unleighshed potential


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