How to Have a March Break

(aka unleighsing on The Flow, a reboot)

It’s March Break with the kiddos and historically this is a time when I’m most vulnerable to falling out of The Flow.   I’m sure this sounds strange given how Flow-Positive I generally am, but it’s true, I have my weaknesses and while I derive a great deal of joy from mothering, I find the struggle is for me to be most present with the kids when there’s an extremely high expectation to do so.  Because I respond most positively to intrinsic motivations than I do to outer ones, any ‘mom look at this’ repeated nine times in the span of twenty minutes does nothing for me. Absolutely nothing. I’ll look when I want to look. But there’s an uncomfortable truth hiding behind this which is that it’s way easier to glance over at the me-me-me’s and selfies of people I only peripherally know through my device than it is to take in my offspring’s super cool Fumikomi I’ve seen a million times.  

Always a work in progress, I decided to try and do something about this by shifting my focus from the e-landscape to The Now.  

I want to be more in the flow this March Break so I’ve challenged myself over the next 5 days to not only break from the work routine, but to also unplug from my device between the set hours of 9:00AM and 7:59PM to see what marvelous things will unfold in place of the distractions that social media can provide.

With no rabbit holes to venture down in the rich and vibrant e-world, Day 1 unfolded in a rather unexpected and magical way. I’m generally ardently aware of time, especially when it’s punctuated by kid play, but I was literally shocked that I had very little awareness of it passing at all.  By lunch time I had already hit my step goal for the day, something which ordinarily takes me the entirety of a day along with a good run to accomplish this. I completed a mind blowing number of household tasks I had been putting off which would typically fall wayside to social media breaks.  There was no need for Netflix and we filled our time assembling puzzles, reading books, playing imaginary games, finding a wishing well and catching snowflakes on our tongues whilst pretending we were in a living snowglobe. We turned the quiet outdoors into our playground.

And I was present from start to finish.  Like I said, magical.

Suddenly the advice I had received in an early postpartum counselling session years ago to “Simplify, simplify, simplify” made sense to me and the notion of how to find now-ness finally clicked.  Back in the day with a newborn I was so glued to my device, but I wondered this week about how different my early parenting experience would have been without the constant infiltration of glossy Instagram versions of people’s lives.  Had I just unplugged without any concern for how other people’s lives were more fabulous than mine, would I have been more contented? It’s hard to say, but after one day of significantly unplugging I can safely attest to the fact that when you’re really in the here ‘n’ now, you can’t want for anything other than what’s right in front of you.  And that, my friends, is the essence of flowing.

How might you be able to tap into The Flow this March Break?

I’ll be back later this week a round up of my disconnected March Break.  Stay tuned!

XO, Unleighshed Potential


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