I’ve Got You, a love letter

You entered unobtrusively, stealing my heart with three of the most prescient words:

I’ve got you.

When I said create, you opened the blank canvas.

When I sought council, you made the phone ring.

When I yearned for light, you drew stunning sunrises.

When I said ‘run’, you sounded the starter pistol.

When I craved solitude, you provided the space.

When I misstepped, you corrected the course.

When I was grateful, you showered abundance.

When I desired exploration, you presented an inquest.

When I sought connection, you introduced fascinating people.

When I said ‘kindness’, you showed me how.

When I stumbled, you supplied the compass.

When I sought knowledge, you provided the books.

When I rose, you applauded.

When I needed magic, you presented the stage.

When I wanted wisdom, you shared inspiration.

When I grew impatient, you engaged the breaks.

When I said ‘soar’, you dispatched the hawk.

When I wanted adventure, you produced the map.

When I surrendered, you whispered:  

                                                               See? I got you.

2017, you’ve left an indelible impression on my heart.
Xo, unleighshed potential


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