Unleashing Your Potential: Change & Transformation, Part 2.1

(aka unleighshing on the konmari method)

In my latest post in my series, I talked about how the KonMari method helped to propel me through the readiness phase of Change ‘n’ Transformation.   People will tell you that there is magic in the KMing process, and for me, I discovered it once I had completed 80% of my spaces.

Truthfully, it didn’t feel like sparkles and stardust right away because like most changes, it was chaotic and uncomfortable at first.

Marie Kondo is the author behind Spark Joy–  the call  to North Americans to look inside their homes to eliminate things save for the items which are joy-sparking.  The process, whether you’ve just begun or are already a KMing expert, will set you on the path to tidiness.  I can attest to the helpfulness of the method & the end result which catapulted me into massive transformation.

While I have been apprehensive to the magical things that would take place (and believe me, I so so so want to criticize the methodology), I must now admit that it’s true; there is magic and I’ve experienced it first-hand. It has truly been life altering.  In her True Account of the life changing magic of tidying up Sarah Fought writes: “There is a spirituality present during the KonMari experience, if you want there to be.”   It has so much to offer about looking into our personal lives when forced to consider what it is that does and does not bring us joy.  And what Marie Kondo didn’t prepare me for was the full-blown Eat Pray Love effect which ensued as a result of inviting the spirituality into the process.

With many of the nooks and crannies in my home KM’d it left me with time and space to think.  I mean really think, almost meditate, if you will.  I didn’t believe it would be possible with two runts ruling my roost because I hadn’t really stopped to think in years.  I don’t mean that I was void of thought, but once I started to rid all of the physical crap from my life, I was left with the other muck; the less tangible stuff I needed to sort out in my mind.

Yeah, my noggin needed a good pruning and so I started contemplating everything.   I’m not talking about whether I loved my sock collection and nail polishes, but rather my thinking extended to the darker, unkept corners of my life, like personal pursuits, hobbies (you can see how I turned this around to develop things, things, things!) and even my life work.  After years of  emphatically denouncing change, because I didn’t see any way my life could, I was rethinking everything in a way that was completely new.  I wondered as the post KMing process began to settle and fewer categories needed my attention, whether I was in the throes of a midlife.

Only I wasn’t.  Because what then ensued was eighteen months (and still counting!) of KMing my life- people, beliefs, desires and goals.  This, for me anyway, is the true magic because it opened me up to the possibility of true change.  As a result, I’ve been able to tap into some embers of goals I’d buried for years under diapers and bills. I embarked on a spiritual journey of awakening.  I (re)found Jesus, for realz.  I picked up some hobbies- real, actual things I do for myself and not others, and something I will get to later in this series is the fact I discovered the sparklingest-big-effing-deal-key to my weight loss success.

All of this, and so much more happened when I first tossed my gnarled sweaters onto my bed and proceeded to toss them one by one into the donation pile.

Magic.  Who knew?

Want to know more about ways to change your life?  Stick with me, there’s more to come!

Xo, unleighshed potential


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