Unleashing Your Potential: Change & Transformation, Part 2

Unleighshing Ready

“You wanna fly, you got to give up the shit that weighs you down” -Toni Morrison, Song of SolomonThis, well, Tony’s words are the cream of the freaking crop advice when it comes to change & transformation.  After my own Crash ‘n’ Burn, which I discussed in Step 1 of my series last week, I knew that there was a lot of stuff  I needed to be rid of in order to truly soar.   Of course, acknowledging this detail was one thing but doing it was an enormous process unto itself.   Ladies and gentlemen, I give you step 2 of the change process:  Readiness.

You gotta be ready to change.

Sure, you might want for the svelte body, or a bank account bursting at its seams, or a fleet of calendaresque firepeople ready to fan you poolside, but are you truly ready for those things? Like, really really ready?

Wanting for something is a dangerous beast because it’ll mess with you every time you try to achieve it, if you aren’t truly ready for it. You will become so fixated on the dream – particularly the good parts, that you’ll gloss over the less glamorous parts where you must ready yourself via the hard work.

Getting ready requires pure grit. And this isn’t only physical, I’m afraid, no, the blood, sweat ‘n’ tears to which many refer is the mental stuff: breaking down walls, old ways of thinking, and unlocking the secrets behind old patterns. Until you can smash the old, systematic stuff that’s been weighing you down to smithereens, you won’t be able to release the icky heavy stuff.

This could include, but is not limited to,

  • Things you were taught to believe or
  • The ways you were instructed to act, or
  • How you were encouraged to vote, or
  • The controversial stuff like whether to put boiled eggs in a potato salad or not. Just sayin’.

See, if you don’t go back to where you started coming undone, the band-aids moving forward are just that- simple fixes that can pull away the next time you’re about to have a meltdown. So getting ready to transform comes by way of being at peace with your past, which can be a grueling task if you haven’t prepared yourself for it.

Examining the old stuff will be exhausting. And if you’re not ready to go there, and I mean really go there, in a whole-hearted-Oprahesque kind of way, believe me I understand. It can be a daunting task. But if you don’t undo the old programming in your life required to move forward, anything you do to change will eventually backfire because transformation is a complete undoing of the old you.  And you have to be really ready for that.

So how does one get ready? Here is a list of 5 steps I took to rid myself of the stuff that was weighing me down, complete with some budget-friendly options as well.

  1. I got hard core about KonMari and the joy-sparking-process-of-ridding-my-home-of-junk. Getting rid of the crap in your life, be it people or old telephone bills, will SET YOU FREE and open you up to more change possibilities. You don’t have to buy the books to get started, though, a simple internet search will give you the pertinent how-tos like this goopy example.  
  2. I unloaded my personal baggage from the past with visits to an Energy Practitioner, whose expertise is in reiki treatments and chakra balancing KM’d my energy fields. I dare each of you to seek out someone who specializes in this practice and see the difference one good treatment will make in your life. I literally floated away in a namastesque glow after my first session.  You can do some of this work yourself by finding free meditations online which focus on chakra work like this one by Davidji.
  3. I sought clarity from professional counsellors who get paid the big bucks to tell you your shit aint right. No money for a counsellor right now?  No problem.  Pick up a pen and some paper and start journalling your thoughts.  You might be surprised by how resourceful and capable you really are.
  4. I found re-Jesus and did some spiritual pruning. I dug out the indoctrinated stuff that wasn’t working for me and found a spiritual community of people whom I felt right about laying down my roots. If you’re not ready to physically join a spiritual community just yet, start listening to podcasts about different ideas you’re open to exploring.
  5. I got real with The Universe: positive intentions, vision boarding and meditation all allowed me to turn inwards for more answers and clarity which helped propel me through the transformational stuff. This is all free.  All of it.

After a few months of doing these things, I felt so much lighter. I had clarity of thought and a clear sense of the direction I wanted my life to go in. I started to spread my wings which is where the transformational magic really took place.

Want more tips and advice on how to transform your life? Stay tuned for the next blog post in my Change & Transformation series, Readiness 2.1.

Ready? Set. Go.

Xo, unleighshed potential


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