Unleashing Your Potential: Change & Transformation, Part 1

Getting Started (aka How to Unleighsh Your Potential)

A few weeks ago I was enjoying a visit with my very magical Osteopath, whom I love very much, when she remarked out of the blue:  “You finally get it.”

“Get what?”  I asked through my hazy relaxation.

“Life,” she answered.  “You understand the purpose of it.”

I looked up at her quizzically and she added, “you’re starting to figure out what life is all about.”

I marveled in her words for a few minutes when she threw in this last part:  “and out of all of my clients, you are certainly most deserving of an award for having turned your life around.”  

I basked in her astuteness, because yes, the me from 2016 looks and feels nothing like the woman who is writing here now in 2017.

On the left, a few weeks before my life went sideways.  On the right, one year into the change & transformation journey.

At the start of 2016, Old Me had barely survived the Christmas season and was experiencing serious aftershocks into the first week of January.  I weighed somewhere in the ballpark of over 230 pounds and had a sneaking suspicion the number would only continue to creep higher as I numbed the post-holiday emotional overwhelm with food.  It seemed to make all things better, at least temporarily, and food had become my carby crutch.   I wasn’t overly happy, though I was putting on a good front, my personal life was shaky, I couldn’t enjoy my work day, and coming home to my kids was stressful. I was experiencing debilitating migraines nearly once a week and sometimes more and I was plagued by a dizzying sensation all the time.  Plain and simple, I wasn’t deriving any enjoyment from much of anything because I didn’t feel well.   The kind of life my Osteo had remarked on earlier wasn’t remotely close to being on my radar; not a single speck of it.  And as I had been trudging along, as one is “supposed to do” in the face of adversity, the ground started giving away a little bit each week and before the month was through, I got to have a firsthand look at the grimy, sludgy rock that I crashed into.   

The Bottom.

Scared, this dank place which I had flippantly referred to in a hyperbolic way for storytelling purposes was suddenly my new reality and served as the backdrop to my change and transformation story.  My feet were being pulled deeper into the silt when I made the decision to step away from my work, then significantly tied to my identity, and I found myself reeling in a whole lotta holy shit because I found myself in the inescapably lonely place of having just hit rock bottom, or as I shall refer to it, Step One.  

Crashing isn’t an overly glamorous way to start, I’m afraid.  And while I don’t recommend the discomfort of it, particularly as a strategy to change your life, I actually do in an ironic way because any wellness expert will tell you emphatically that the only way to truly transform is to crawl your ass out of the depths of a personal crisis or trauma.  I am sure that if you dig around a bit on the inter web you will be able to find other effective strategies for how to change your life, and if you can do so by avoiding a breakdown or crisis, then good on ya.  Go that route.  But for me, true change was only possible once I was cornered into this-isn’t-working-anymore and was forced with the decision to stay or get the eff out.  

I chose the latter and more than a year later, my Osteopath is ready to hang my picture up on her Client of the Month wall.  So yeah, change is entirely possible and I want to help show you how.   But first, you’ve gotta hit The Bottom.

Before signing off, it would be irresponsible of me not to talk about mental health.  If you’re experiencing some of the symptoms I discussed, please see a medical professional or seek counselling to rule out any underlying mental health complications.  There’s no shame in it.  None whatsoever.  The talk therapy alone can provide oodles of good insight but more importantly, visiting a doctor can help you to identify whether any medications are necessary to proceed forward.  You owe it to yourself to explore all the possible culprits if you’re feeling unhappy, so don’t be a weenie about it and go ask for help.

Now, if you are in a rut and interested in how to go about transforming your life, this little writing series I am embarking on will give you a some pointers on the wildly effective stuff I have done to make my life a whole lotta awesome.

Stay tuned for Part 2!
Xo, unleighshed potential


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