High Vibes ‘n’ Hiccups  (aka Unleighshing the Hiccups)

With a tiny brood at home, life can sometimes feel chaotic.  Mornings are especially hectic and seem to be the time when the vast majority of hell breaking meltdowns occur.  As we currently have 3 different start times to our day and only one adult who can get each party to their appropriate locale –  on time, on time is key – things can start to come apart rather quickly.


If I embraced an entire laissez-faire approach to life, we’d be skipping with flower halos into our various drop off locations at whatever-the-eff-time-we-felt-like-it,  but that’s not our reality… yet.  So there are still humanly expectations by which I must adhere to, like being prompt, and with that comes some stress in my routine, and I must admit that I sometimes vibrate low.


Truth is, I’m not fluttering around in bubbles ‘n’ glitter all the time.  Shit gets real sometimes and I have to work extra hard to stay at the high, positive vibration I wanna be at.


When one child won’t put their socks on moments before take off, and it’s like the 8th time in the week where I’m repeating myself like a banshee on crack, it’s not all zen up in our house.


When someone is missing their ball cap and can’t seem to find it in the exact location I know it resides, not even my salt lamp can calm the teeming lunacy lurking under the surface of my otherwise rational mind.  


And when the offspring decide to pummel one another seconds before the ignition turns, I’m not exactly vibin’ high on anything but sheer frustration.  I have low vibrational moments but I think it’s quite normal.  


While I believe at my very core that a high vibration is a choice I need to make in every moment to maintain the happy-happy-joy-joy which I admittedly feel the best at, I’m not always able to achieve my highest vibrational goals.  But I know that, and knowing is half the battle.  See, if I didn’t know what the alternative could look like, the banshee squeals and fumes rolling from my brow would be the only thing my children would recognize as their mother.  And it’s not ‘cause I work extremely hard in almost every other moment of my day to be disciplined in my quest for happiness and calm.  So the brood sees and feels high vibrational moments, but they also experience the low ones too, sometimes.  But I know the difference and I’m able to recognize what needs to be done to start living at a higher level of positivity.  Life is a quest for betterment, and I’m on that path indeed.


So if you’re a human being who recognizes your own need to be at a higher vibration, know that it is work which takes time to develop.  I’m not here to tell ya’ll that if you choose happy and have a hippy-dippy mantra that your life is going to change right away.  It probably won’t.  I’ve been on this journey for 18 months now and I’m still working at finding my ommmm in the oh-hell-no moments.  But stick with it because there will be times when you realize your old self would have completely lost their shit because the produce aisle was out of celery, and instead you choose to pick up a cabbage and skip contentedly to the register.  


Point is, you will start to notice a difference in your life if you stick with high vibrational intentions instead of the low mucky stuff.  Just sayin’.


xo, unleighshed potential



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