Unleashing on Unleighshed Potential

Mindful Monday, Terrific Tuesday, What If Wednesday and High Vibin’ Friday are some of the daily posts I make each week for you, brought to you by Unleighshed Potential on Facebook, Instagram & WordPress.    Monday is devoted to mindfulness and meditation.  Tuesday posts are focused on inspiring quotations I come across which I hope will encourage badassery and spark you to happiness.  On Wednesday I pose a What If question designed to make you think about some of the ways you can work on transforming your own life and on Friday’s I like to focus on posting about anything that can help you to positively #raiseyourvibration.  Thursday, Saturday and Sunday are currently free-for-alls designed to ignite your amazing vibrational capabilities.


Aside from the the fact that there are many, hundreds of thousands of people who share these kinds of posts through social media, many of whom inspire me as well, I like to share content which is almost always originally mine, from the words to the pictures; #terrifictuesdays, of course, are the exception here.


So why am I doing it?  I’m getting asked this question a lot lately and the best way for me to explain it is to call this a passion project where my main objective is to inspire you to raise your vibration and bring awesomeness into your life and the lives of the people you interact with.  I’m not selling anything except for the idea that you can totally transform your life and vibrate higher.  If you want to, of course.  And at the heart of all of my work lies an answer to an elevated calling, or what Davidji describes as the process of allowing “yourself to surrender to the fire of transformation [and to] … invite your true self to shine through.”  So Unleighshed Potential is designed to be a shining, glowing ball of energy, all packaged up in motivational awesomeness.


So if you haven’t joined already, come on over to unleighshed potential!  Annnnnd, if you happen to live in the province of Ontario, I have a giveaway happening on my Facebook page right now where you can enter between now and August 6 for a free copy of “You are a Badass”, by Jen Sincero, a book which totally kicked my transformation into higher gear.  

Whether you want to be a quiet observer or an obnoxious supporter of my little project, I’d love to have you along for the high vibin’ ride!


Keep being completely, extraordinarily you!


Xo, unleighshed potential



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