Unleashing Inspire Nation (aka Unleighshing Inspire Nation)

Good Mindful Monday to ya’ll!

The sun is shining where I am and my coffee cup is full.   Life is good.

I’ve spent a fair number of Monday’s talking about the awesomeness that is meditation and today I thought I’d throw in a lil somethin’ different to the mix for today’s #mindfulmonday post and focus on a transformational lifecoach (& my personal wellness rockstar), Michael Sandler, host of Inspire Nation.

The Inspire Nation Podcast is adorned with all the wellness bells and whistles you need to start transforming your life today.  And Michael has an amazing roster of expert guests, too.  Whether you’re well on your way in your personal journey or just beginning to give your life direction some thought, this is a life improving podcast which will give you practical tools to get you thinking about where to go next with your life.  

Aside from the phenomenal content on Inspire Nation, Michael is a dream for your ears, yes, even when he’s WooHoo’ing to his guests.  He is the calmest, most centered podcaster I’ve ever heard who moves his interviews along at a decent clip, but far beyond the monotony of space-filling-um-humming upon which some podcasters rely.  His interview skills alone are extraordinary as he’s able to smoothly zone in on the key most important details his guests deliver.  And nothing gets by him: if he senses for a moment that the audience might be wondering about something his guest has said, he will drill down until the rich core of the concept is gently exposed and there is understanding among all parties.  He goes above and beyond in his research of a guest or the book he’s reviewing so that he isn’t reiterating the fluffy stuff you can find anywhere; no, he likes to delve in and he brings his guests alongside him for the ride.  

When all is said and done, you will feel infinitely better just for having listened to his show.

Listening to Inspire Nation became part of my wellness regime each morning on my commute into work and it is what inspired me to kick my own transformation up a few notches.  Michael’s energy sparking positivity is also the catalyst behind Unleighshed Potential.   If his plan is to inspire the nation, he’s succeeded indeed with this listener, and I’m positive he will continue to ‘shine brightly’ for future fans, too.

So if you aren’t already convinced to check out this podcast, here are 3 gigantic reasons to listen in to Inspire Nation:

  1. It’s crazy digestible.  Like even topics like quantum physics can be become malleable in Michael’s hands.  And if something the guest says doesn’t make much sense, Michael can sense it and will dig around until it does.  
  2. It’s enormously practical.  Michael doesn’t just do the podcast for the sake of speaking to the masses, no, he really wants you to get something out of what he or his guests have to say, so embedded at the end of every episode is a piece of homework- something you can be doing at that exact moment to start improving your life.
  3. It’s so incredibly mindful as many of his podcasts end with a meditation to help bring your life back into focus along with a nugget of wisdom about how to inspire passion and excitement for life in your kids.  


If you haven’t already checked out his podcast, you must do so now.  No, seriously, go do it.  

And if it isn’t quite up your alley, don’t sweat it because maybe there is something equally awesome awaiting you in the virtual corners of the podcast universe that could reignite your passion for life.  If you find it, let me know as I’m always looking for inspiring content because  when you’re on fire for the stuff you’re into and things you’re all about, you will raise your vibration to bring more of that positivity into your life.  And that, as Michael likes to say, is very  woohoo-worthy.


Xo, unleighshed Potential



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