How to Find Your Flow

With social media being such an integral part of what I do, I’m attached to my device a fair bit and I’ve discovered that it’s limiting my ability to flow especially when I can easily get lost in the thick maze of someone else’s here ‘n’ now and the barrage of digital social media-y awesomeness that comes with that.  Would holidaying from my phone this March Break hold the key to everlasting flow?  


How to Have a March Break

Looking for ways to enjoy your time off with the kids this March Break? Plug into some awesome with these tips here.

Unleashing on Self Love

(Aka How to Have a Threesome) Soiled Expectations Obsessively awaiting Prince Charming from the very moment Westley said “As you Wish” in the iconic Princess Bride, the most precious seed of expectation for love was planted deep in my subconscious where it was watered for years by the exquisitely enchanting tales from Disney, Ross ‘n’... Continue Reading →

I’ve Got You, a love letter

You entered unobtrusively, stealing my heart with three of the most prescient words: I’ve got you. When I said create, you opened the blank canvas. When I sought council, you made the phone ring. When I yearned for light, you drew stunning sunrises. When I said ‘run’, you sounded the starter pistol. When I craved... Continue Reading →

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